Looking for a Heating Company in Old Saybrook, CT?

If you wish to find a Heating Company in Old Saybrook, CT, you may want to look into r & b refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. In addition to Saybrook, they also serve Branford, Connecticut. They provide heat pumps and gas oil furnaces for heating needs. They also offer cooling services which include commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Emergency services are another one of their specialties. More about R and B Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating, as well as the services they provide, will be discussed in this article.

One type of heating the company offers is its heat pumps. Heat pumps are interesting in that they provide heating and cooling in one device. They work by transferring heat to different locations, and as such are more efficient than other types of heating systems. R and B Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating are a Trane dealer, which means that they strive for excellence in installation, maintenace and customer service. The company has over 25 years of experience with the installation of heat pumps, which may make them a good choice.

Another type of heating offered by their company are gas and oil furnaces. Furnaces heat indoor spaces using movement of fluids such as air and steam. The most common type is fueled by natural gas, and the benefit of using a natural gas furnace is higher efficiency. One advantage to going with R and B Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating is that all brands of furnaces are serviced by them. They also offer a free quote on service and installation. This way you can get an estimate with virtually no risk. And if you ever need emergency maintenance work done on your furnace, they offer a 24 hour emergency service all seven days of the week.

Thus, r & b refrigeration, air conditioning and heating may be an option to consider if you live in Old Saybrook or Branford, Connecticut and need your home heated. Heat pumps and furnaces are two nice options in terms of getting your home cleaned, and they provide both of these services. Finally, their company’s 24 hour emergency maintenance may provide a great incentive for you to use them as your heating company.

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