Looking for an Ice Cube Wholesale Merchant? Some FAQ’s

Apr 12, 13 Looking for an Ice Cube Wholesale Merchant? Some FAQ’s

There are many businesses out there that may need to purchase ice cubes in wholesale quantities for a variety of uses. Maybe you run a fast food location whose business is really taking off; purchasing ice in bulk may be a step toward simplifying your day-to-day work. Doctors’ offices and laboratories also purchase ice to cool refrigerated medical supplies and samples that need careful temperature monitoring and care. Below are a few common questions that you may need answers to when shopping for bulk ice.

What quantities might I need?
Whether you need a large amount daily or a smaller amount for occasional restocking, a quality ice distributor should be able to offer a few different quantities to suit your specific request for purchasing Ice Cube Wholesale Long Island, NY. Professionals in area are able to produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of ice per day, so whatever your need, they’ll be able to stock it.

Should I be concerned about ingredients?
Just as you’re concerned about what goes into your customers’ meals or what contaminants might get into your supplies, you should absolutely be concerned over the water in each commercial ice cube. Wholesale merchants like those on Long Island use only the purest filtered water to create their ice products. Their practices correspond with standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation, which is a certification you should always look for when shopping for an ice distributor.

Will they deliver or do I pick it up myself?
For smaller amounts of ice in bulk, you generally have a choice: pay a little extra for the convenience of delivery, or save money by picking up the order yourself. The company you choose should offer both, as well as help you find the best method of transport refrigeration for your budget. Your ice cube distributor should definitely be counted on to deliver any of those larger orders where moving safety becomes an issue.

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