Looking for Lawyers in Lafayette, IN is Important for a Car Accident Victim

People who are hurt in a car accident can face huge medical bills while not being able to work to pay them. If they were injured because another driver was negligent, then they are entitled to damages. Anyone in this situation, will be looking for lawyers in Lafayette, IN to help them obtain a financial settlement. Once the doctors have determined what type of medical treatment they will need to recover, their attorney will file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company. It can also include requests for compensation for emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

Insurance companies often fight requests for damages. They can claim that their client was not negligent. Even though they were involved in an accident, they will say that they were paying attention and using good judgment. A personal injury lawyer from Ball and Eggleston knows how to review police reports and accident evidence to prove that the driver was negligent. Cell phone records can be used to show that they were talking to a friend when the accident occurred. Surveillance cameras in the area can show them speeding or driving erratically. When the insurance company sees this evidence they can no longer claim that their client was responsible.

However that does not mean that they will then pay out the claim. When an injured person is looking for lawyers in Lafayette, IN, they also have to look for attorneys that understand medical evidence and have solid expert witnesses. Often a person experiences neck and back injuries in a car accident. These can be very difficult to diagnose and treat. Lower back problems are the most common reason that people miss work. If people have had back problems in the past, then the insurance company can argue that this is a pre-existing injury. The injured person’s doctors and lawyer have to show that the accident caused a much worse back problem to exist.

As the injured person’s lawyer defeats every argument the insurance company makes, it becomes more likely that they will offer a fair settlement without going to trial. The lawyer can help their client know what a fair settlement is for their type of injury.

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