Looking for NYC Condos for Sale? Upper West Side is the Place to Be

The Big Apple-The City that Never Sleeps-The City So Nice, They Named It Twice … whatever moniker you attribute to New York City, the place is a historic, yet urban place full of opportunity. Whether you are a long time resident or a recent transplant, if you are seeking condos for sale, Upper West Side locations rock. With outer historic facades and modern, contemporary interiors, there are true residential gems to be found.

A Historic Perspective

It is hard to believe the bustling metropolis of NYC with its subway systems and iconic skyline was once home to Native Americans. However, the immigration of Dutch settlers in the mid-seventeenth century has slowly segued into this cosmopolitan city of today. The rich history of the area is reflected in many of the buildings such as those in the Upper West Side. Condos for sale in the area are often found in landmark buildings. They look like they belong to another era from the outside but the inside is very much in keeping with the 21st century and the modern amenities that accompany it.

Walking down the tree-lined streets in the neighborhoods here offers quite a charming perspective. Greek and Romanesque Revival were two popular types of architecture employed in the early 20th century before the world wars. It was a time of gentrification and development. The buildings have stood the test of time and has kept up with the progress of today’s society. The condos for sale in the Upper West Side will reflect those historic architectural elements while sporting fresher, contemporary styles within.

Residential Amenities

The area boasts plenty of shopping and fine dining experiences in addition to the best schooling and medical attention available anywhere. Cultural and entertainment possibilities are endless; you can try something new every day of the year and not even put a dent in all there is to offer.

Of course, the amenities you may receive if you purchase one of the Upper West Side condos for sale are quite attractive too. A general lobby area and doorman is likely as well as an on-site building superintendent to take care of any maintenance concerns. The option of having personal storage and a well-equipped gym on the premises is a great selling point too.

This neighborhood area is bustling with energy and yet, at the same time, there is a laid back quality all the same. Snap up one of the condos for sale in Upper West Side New York City and establish your home.

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