Maintaining Water Heaters Fairfax VA

May 25, 13 Maintaining Water Heaters Fairfax VA

Avoiding water heater replacement and repairs can be simple when you know a few tricks to maintain the unit. Water Heaters Fairfax VA can be as easy to maintain as anywhere else. Read further to learn the maintenance tricks that will help you save money in the future.

Turning the temperature down on your water heater will help preserve the life of the unit. Keeping the temperature between 115 and 120 degrees will not only extend the life, but avoid overheating the tank and save you money on your energy usage. It doesn’t matter whether you have a gas or electric unit, the results should be the same.

It is important to test the temperature and pressure relief valve on the side of your heater. This valve is an important part of your hot water heater, it does exactly what it says it does. If there is a pressure build up in your tank, the valve will leak and release the pressure. To test the valve, you should lift the lever up part way and let it snap back into place. You will hear a gurgling sound if it is working properly. If it does nothing, you should see about replacing it.

A good way to avoid rust and corrosion in the tank is to drain it regularly. A mini flush is quick, and a full flush will take a little more work and time. With a mini flush, you need a bucket to put under the drain valve on the side of the tank. Open the valve and let some water flow into the bucket. Done on a regular basis this should keep rust out of the tank. If you see a lot of rust, you might consider a full flush of the tank. Before you open the drain valve, turn your hot water heater off and turn off the water to the hot water heater. Open the drain valve and fill up the bucket as many times as you need to to empty the hot water heater. When the tank is empty, you have done a full flush. Be sure to fill the tank up with water before you turn the heating unit back on.

Whether you have a gas or electric unit, you can count on saving money using these recommended tips to maintain Water Heaters Fairfax VA.

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