Maintaining Your Fireplace & Chimney

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Chimney

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When the weather is cold outside, nothing can be cozier than sitting in front of a warm fire, sipping a nice hot cocoa or coffee. Fireplaces can be used for other purposes, as well, as you can cook using one, and roast marshmallows, if you choose. Despite the usefulness of a fireplace, many people fail to properly service their fireplaces and chimneys, which could end up posing a danger to everyone in the home. If you are in need of Chimney Repair in Long Island NY, to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are in tip top shape, then you are in luck. There are many companies in the area for you to choose from. Here are just some of the dangers that US Chimney, or any other local Chimney Repair in Long Island NY can help you prevent:

Flue tiles & possible gaps
Your chimney’s job is to filter out potentially dangerous chemicals and fumes, keeping them out of your home. However, over time, through regular use of your fireplace, your chimney can erode, leaving gaps in the tiles. This will cause these dangerous fumes to enter your home and negatively affect the health of your entire family. A chimney expert is specially trained to quickly identify this problem, enabling the technician to efficiently repair the chimney, leaving your family safe.

Fire danger
When you use your fireplace, you want the fire to remain in the fireplace-not in your home. However, if cracks, gaps and other erosion problems are not detected and repaired, then you are at risk of experiencing a fire inside your home. By choosing a great Long Island chimney expert like US Chimney Long Island NY, you can rest assured that any fire hazards will be corrected so you can use your fireplace as much as you like without the risk of a fire igniting inside your home.

So if you want to ensure that your chimney is in proper working order before you use it this year, then you should seek the assistance of an expert in Chimney Repair in Long Island NY. The professional that you choose can identify any dangers that your fireplace and chimney might pose, keeping you and your family safe and making sure that your chimney will be fully functional for the entire fall and winter seasons. Visit for more information.

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