Maintaining Your Septic System In Bangor PA

There are any points to consider when maintaining your septic system in Bangor PA.  A septic system is a miniature sewage system right in your own backyard.  There are several parts to the system and in order for everything to run well, each part needs to be cleaned, inspected, and monitored carefully.  In the US there are over 30 million homes that have septic systems and if they are well maintained, they can run for many years, even a lifetime.

Maintenance of your septic system in Bangor PA is required by law, but unfortunately, is not enforced.  It is recommended that most systems be pumped and inspected every 5- 10 years, more if there have been any persistent problems.  The tank itself contains a natural bacterium that breaks down the waste products.  The bacteria in the tank can loose its efficiency if too many chemicals, lotions, cleaning products etc. make their way into the tank.  If this becomes a problem, adding packaged bacteria will many times fix the problem.  However, if the bacterium has not been working for an extended amount of time, your tank might be full of solid waste (sludge) and will need to be pumped and cleaned out.  This can be as easy as contacting a company that performs this and having them come out and clean the system.

After cleaning the septic system in Bangor PA, all the filters need to be cleaned, checked and replaced if need be.  The filters keep the solid waste from moving to the second tank where the water is filtered out into the lower ground level.  Once the tank is clean, the prepackaged bacteria need to be added to get the cycle moving again.  This gives the tank time to build up a water supply again, and bacteria without water will not flourish.

Preventative maintenance on a septic system in Bangor PA will help keep the system efficient and effective.  You can help your system by doing a few things.  Firstly, minimize the amount of water that you use and flush.  Replace your showerheads and toilets with low-flow devices.  Avoid using the garbage disposal as much as possible.  The solid waste from that will flow directly into the tank.  Also, use green friendly cleaning supplies as much as possible.  The chemicals in these products are less harsh on the environment and have no bleach in them to kill the tank bacteria.

Septic System Bangor PA Inspect your septic system in Bangor PA on a regular basis to catch problems before they get any bigger. In your septic system in Bangor PA, inspect not only the tank but the leaching field as well.

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