Major Types of Floors in Beavercreek

Selecting the ideal type of flooring to put into your home or office can be challenging if you are not sure where to begin. The following are helpful overviews on some of the major types of Floors in Beavercreek.

Hardwood – Hardwood is a popular flooring option that is expensive but offers a very high return on investment. Some of the best qualities of hardwood floors are its beauty, durability, ease of care and the increase in property value it usually provides. Harwood floors are ideal for allergy sufferers because they do not attract and hold on to dust, dirt and other allergens like carpets and tiles do.

Ceramic Tile – If you need a type of flooring that is extremely water resistant and durable, ceramic tiles are a good option. In situations where there is a lot of moisture, such as an outdoor living space or floors in flood prone areas, ceramic tiles offer an easy to dry and easy to clean alternative to carpets and wood flooring. For the longest lasting finish, it is best to use unglazed ceramic tiles because they do not show scratches and imperfections as easily, and are less susceptible to excessive water.

Laminate – One of the most affordable flooring types is laminate. Along with being exceptionally easy to install and maintain, laminate flooring is very durable and resistant to high traffic and other factors that can wear flooring down quickly. An added benefit of laminate flooring is that it mimics the look of natural wood floors without costing anywhere near as much.

Marble – Like hardwood floors, marble flooring is expensive, but well worth the investment in many cases. Along with being durable and beautiful, marble floors are easy to clean and maintain. Marble flooring resists damage and stains, and offers a benefit to allergy suffers as it prevents fungus and mold growth.

These are a few of the main types of Floors in Beavercreek. Use this information to determine your ideal flooring based on the qualities you need your flooring to have. When you are ready to have your new flooring installed, consult with a professional provider to complete the final selection process and receive a detailed estimate before the work begins.

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