Make Your Portable Cocktail Bar Interactive

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Business

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It is difficult to find a way to make your event special, different and memorable, especially if you are a company, business or club that regularly uses a portable cocktail bar for events, activities and groups. Keeping your portable cocktail bar truly unique and one of a kind is one way to promote your business while also letting your customers and guests know that you are a trend setter.

One of the newest and most advanced options in bar service is the interactive portable cocktail bar. With a variety of different styles and options these innovative and interactive mobile bars are the perfect option for any event, function, trade show, gathering or to have at an office party or a conference reception.

Add Technology

One of the really amazing features of an interactive portable cocktail bar is that it is designed to allow you to securely and solidly mount a bracket that will hold up to a 42 inch flat screen television above the center of the bar counter. You can adjust the height of the bracket to the level that you want, and then connect a laptop to the screen and stream videos, music or anything else of your choice.

You can also create custom messages, show video feeds from cameras or anything else that you can depending on the programs that your laptop can run. Additionally, extra brackets can be used to secure iPads, cameras for the display or even to add colored lights that can add that extra touch of ambiance to the portable cocktail bar.

Add Designs

You can choose a pre-set design for the front and side panels of the portable cocktail bar or you can create your own unique design. This can range from a specific pattern, a graphic or image you like, or even a company brand, logo or design.

If you choose a portable cocktail bar with removable panels you can have different options for different events, which will always keep your bar looking fresh, new and always different.

Adding technology to a portable cocktail bar is a great way to spice up your event. For more information on what we offer view our product line at

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