Make Your Vehicle Look Smokin

Have you ever seen headlights that seem a little darker than normal? Maybe the effect is darker at the bottom and lighter at the top. This effect can be achieved with a product known as Plastic Dip Smoke. People that like to give the gradient effect on headlights and taillights can use Smoke to create a black out effect. Since taillights and headlights tend to be made from differing products per manufacturer, it is always a good idea to test Smoke on a small portion of a surface to make sure it gives the desired effect. Smoke is the new and innovative way to give your vehicle a semi-transparent and dark look when applied after a dip.

How Does Smoke by Plasti Dip Work?

Smoke is the same rubber material that is used in Plasti Dip colors. The difference being that Smoke is specially formulated to give a translucent grey to black color. When you want to take a boring paint job to remarkable, consider adding Smoke to the surface of your vehicle. Once you begin using it, you will think of thousands of other uses, and be able to transform the mundane into smoking hot creations. You can start by applying one layer, and adding more layers as you see fit. Each layer that you add will make the overall look a little darker. The color actually changes gradually the more coats you apply. The same smokiness is carried throughout the entire application, giving you an overall smoke effect that is stunning.

Protect Your Vehicle While Making It Look Distinctive

Plasti Dip creates a coating that is protective. The more layers you apply, the more protection you will experience. The easy-grip surface protects the external of a vehicle from harsh weather, corrosion, mild impact, and abrasion. It can easily be applied and is available in aerosol cans. Just simply spray it across the surface of your project, and let it dry between coats. You can use Plasti Dip Smoke for many other types of creations too, essentially anything that can be dipped.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Directions

In order for Plasti Dip to adhere to a vehicle and provide protection, it should be applied in warmer temperatures. Otherwise the finished quality, spray performance and drying time may be affected. If you do use it in cooler conditions, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s directions so you receive the best results possible.

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