Making money from scrap metal in Hartford CT

Apr 03, 13 Making money from scrap metal in Hartford CT

Making money from scrap metal in Hartford CT is as simple as one, two, and three. Discarded metal is everywhere you look; just go for a wander around the streets and you will be amazed at what you will find. Discarded cans are the most prevalent, but lengths of wire, car hub caps that have come off, it is everywhere. Each piece separately does not appear to be worth much but once the weight begins to add up, so does the money. Fifty pounds of aluminum scrap, selling at 25 cents a pound is a cool $12, for doing very little except collecting it.

Many people will still think that this is small money and not worth the effort, think again. Steel, iron and aluminum are by far the most common scrap metal in Hartford CT. It does not take long to gather up a few discarded screen doors or a bunch of old pipe which has been ripped out of a house while being renovated.

Where to look for scrap metal:
Wandering around the streets is not the answer, but garbage day is. Drive around the neighborhood on trash collection day and see what sits by the curb waiting for collection. Remember, this has been thrown out by the owner so you will not get in any trouble when you take it. Look for old sinks, drain pipes and rotted gutters, old galvanized iron pipe, there are a hundred things made of valuable metal that are thrown out week after week.

Another great time to collect scrap metal in Hartford CT is on those days when the municipalities have their special collection days. These days are not the regular garbage day; these are the odd occasions when people are allowed to dispose of things that garbage men won’t take. These are the days when you will find old car tires, bed springs, discarded lawn furniture and many other things of value. Drive around and collect it, there is no law against it; you may even find perfectly good things that make for a great garage sale.

Another good way of sourcing scrap metal for recycling is to make connections with companies that get it daily. Plumbers are great candidates; they are always hauling out old water heaters and furnace parts. They are not in the scrap metal business so they are happy to let it go, perhaps for a small price but a price worth paying for the scrap value.

Anything made of metal has a value but it becomes even more valuable when it is cleaned and separated. If you have an old stove, yes it can be sold as scrap, but if you dismantle it and segregate the components into steel, copper and whatever else is in it, you will get a much better price.


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