Making Money With Retail Pop Displays

There are a lot of products competing for the same market share. Therefore, it is difficult to be competitive in the retail world. Businesses have to be noticed,  and one of the best marketing tools is a POP display. Catchy phrases and visual images lead consumers to try products.

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are specialized promotional tools, found near the check-out counter. Retailers are hoping consumers notice the display and decide to buy the product. POP displays are used for new products, special sales, or special events. Special events include annual events, like the Super Bowl, and holidays. Companies that design point of purchase displays have the tough job of coming up with something unique. The design concept has to make a big impact on the customer.  There are three main types of POP displays. Floor standing displays are designed to stand on the floor. They are made of plastic, wood, metal and corrugated paper. Counter-top POP displays are smaller, and are usually placed on end caps. Some POP signs use digital images, LCD signs and bright, colorful graphics. Metaline Products is a well-known designer of POP displays. They design custom displays, brochures and unique promotional items.

Why do retailers use POP displays? One selling point is that the displays can be picked up easily, and moved to another location. Retailers can use them, more than one time. In addition, POP displays are cost effective advertising, and make people want to try products. Retailers make far more money off the display, than they paid for it. Many retail pop displays contain elements that customers love:

attractive pictures of products
information about the product’s usage
details about free gifts and offers

POP displays are a win-win for manufacturers. Putting the same display, in different retail outlets, allows manufacturers to promote a uniform product message. Manufacturers need to do their research, and find the best design companies. The company should have a proven track record of making the best POP displays. This is an opportunity for manufacturers to capitalize monetarily, without breaking the bank. Finally, consumers are not able to walk by a bright, attractive display, without noticing the product.

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