Making Sure Your Overhead Door Boston, MA Works Properly

Dec 07, 11 Making Sure Your Overhead Door Boston, MA Works Properly

An overhead door is one of the largest moving parts of your house and it’s important to keep it working properly.  You can get it checked out by an overhead door Boston, MA company to make sure all parts are working as they should. But there are also things you should do to make sure that you are being safe around your overhead door. After all, kids may see your garage door as a big toy and want to push all kinds of buttons to make it open and close.

Install the garage door opener control button high enough that little ones can’t reach it.  Five feet from the floor is a good rule of thumb.  Make sure your kids know that the garage door remote and buttons are not toys.  It’s a good idea to periodically test the reverse mechanism on your garage door.  You want to make sure that if something is in the way of the door closing, the sensors recognize that and automatically go into reverse.

Inspect your doors springs and cables and rollers to make sure everything is working properly. Look for signs of damage or wear. These parts are difficult to repair on your own so call a repairman that can help you with these parts.  They usually require special equipment to fix.  Not knowing how to handle these parts or not having the right equipment can lead to something breaking and could possibly cause injury.

You do want to keep up on simple maintenance with your garage door such as lubricating the parts, but don’t try to repair anything on your own.  If something gets broken, it may end up costing a lot more then if you were to just let a professional handle it in the first place. An overhead door Boston, MA company can come out and look at your garage, inspect it and give you a written estimate on what it will cost to fix it.  They may even need to order new parts if the old parts are worn or damaged.  Even with a users manual, it may be hard to try to repair an entire overhead door without help from a professional.

If something does happen to your garage door and you need to find someone to fix it, it’s a good idea to ask neighbors if they can recommend an overhead door Boston, MA company.  Chances are if your neighbors have garages, they may have needed to call a repair company too.  You can also find overhead door companies on the internet or in your local yellow pages.

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