Many Benefits for Elderly Patients Who Visit Optometrists East Stroudsburg PA

One of the most important things that elderly people need to make sure they do on a regular basis is visit Optometrists East Stroudsburg PA. As people age their eyesight changes and it is important to have regular checkups so that an optometrist can assess the condition of one’s eyes and make adjustments as necessary. In addition, an optometrist will also be able to perform tests for certain eye diseases as well.

When visiting an eye doctor, one of the first things that they will want to do is examine the eyes to determine the health of the eyes. This can include tests for glaucoma, cancer and other diseases. They will then begin a variety of tests that can help a doctor in determining the overall condition of the yes. Some tests include depth perception tests, color vision tests and light tests to see how well the pupils react. The doctor will also conduct a test to see how the cornea reflects light, which will tell the doctor the curvature of the cornea.

Most doctors will give the patient a test where he must read from a reading chart. This is used to measure visual acuity. With these tests, the doctor can administer more tests and measures to judge what type of lenses will help the patient see more clearly. Once these tests are completed, the doctor will be able to write a prescription for the best lenses to help in correcting eyesight issues.

Finally, the patient can then begin looking for the best frames to suit his face. Most eye care offices have a wide assortment of frames in many shapes and colors. It is generally a good idea to spend time trying on various combinations to see which will look best with the shape of one’s face, hair and skin coloring. Many people like to get more than one pair and some people even prefer lenses that are tinted to use for outdoor activities. All of these options can be discussed with the technician in charge of helping the patient with his selections.

Once the frames have been picked it will take a bit of time for the lenses to be created and placed into the frames. The patient generally will need to return to the eye doctor’s office when his glasses are completed so final adjustments can be made.

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