Marble Countertops in Hays, KS Provide a Touch of Class

Kitchen and bath design and installation experts now offer countertop solutions not even thought of just a few years ago. The natural and man-made materials available today allow homeowners to enjoy hues and patterns that create an ambiance of style and sophistication. When mated with quality cabinets, fine countertops add the finishing touch to any decor.

Marble countertops in Hays, KS are unique. No two pieces of natural marble are the same, with subtle differences that enhance the look and feel of any kitchen. Top Hays countertop providers like Creative Surfaces ( have a large selection of marble available that can be quickly transformed to fit a kitchen’s needs. Company representatives work with clients to select the best materials to create a custom look for their home.

While marble is the material of choice for many homeowners, other hard-surface materials are also available for Hays area kitchen and bath countertops. Granite and quartz materials each have distinctive looks that work well for many applications. Countertop experts can explain the differences and how those variances can change the design outcomes for different kitchens.

Other options to consider are Dupont Corian, Wilsonart Gibraltar and Samsung Staron. Each option provides different color and design options for homeowners to consider, as well as different pricepoints. The materials are durable and, in some situations, may be the best option when creating a specific design effect is critical.

Of course laminate materials from Formica, Wilsonart and other companies should also be considered, as they further enhance color and pattern options. Each countertop material has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and none of the options should be disregarded until all factors have been discussed with a design expert.

In addition, marble countertops in Hays, KS are no longer limited to kitchen and bath areas. Interior design experts often suggest incorporating quality countertops into entertainment centers and other dramatic display areas in today’s homes. Countertop design experts will work with homeowners to identify areas where the use of marble, granite or other countertop materials can enhance the over-all design. Countertop experts will assist with all design, manufacturing and installation steps needed to add an distinctive touch of class to areas homes.

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