Marijuana Poisoning in Dogs

There have been several stories in the media lately about raids made in rural regions of the area on pot growing operations. Obviously there are several implications surrounding such operations, but what it means for pet owners in the area is that there is always a possibility that your animal could ingest cannabis and become sick. If your dog should ingest marijuana, either in the wild or by accessing it in someone’s home, make sure to take your dog to your vet in Austin so that your vet can ingest vomiting and make sure that your dog is okay.

Although it is highly unlikely that your dog could ever ingest enough marijuana to cause death, the marijuana can make your dog incredibly sick and vomiting should definitely be induced if your dog does not vomit on its own. In some cases hallucinations and seizures can occur, but it is most likely that your dog will become sleepy, lethargic, and/or extremely uncoordinated. However, once the cannabis is removed from your dog’s system, after your vet induces vomiting in the dog, the dog should return to normal health within 24 hours or so.

If your dog continues to experience severe symptoms even after having vomited, your vet may want to keep your dog for observation and will perhaps want to start an IV to ensure that your dog remains hydrated and to counteract the effects of any pot that may have gotten into your dog’s system. Of course, the induction of vomiting assumes that you have been able to get to the vet within an hour of the initial ingestion. After two hours have passed, there will be little that the vet can do in terms of trying to get the cannabis out of your dog’s system, and you will just have to closely monitor the animal at that point.

Of course, the best way to avoid any problems with your dog ingesting marijuana and having to make a trip to the vet is to make sure that your animal does not have access to any marijuana or products containing it like brownies, cannabis cookies, or resin. If you suspect that anyone in your vicinity is growing marijuana plants, do not let your dog have free range of the area.

Whenever your dog does ingest a foreign substance whether it be marijuana or something else that could cause your dog to become sick, make sure that you get your dog to your vet in Austin as soon as possible so that your vet can do whatever is necessary to tend to your dog’s health and well-being.

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