Melanotan – Two Peptide Options

In general, there are two kinds of Melanotan peptides that can be used for research purposes. Each of these peptides has an impact on the body’s production of pigmentation, which is why some companies use this peptide as a method of self-tanning that doesn’t involve unsafe exposure to the sun. Both Melanotan I and Melanotan II are synthetic reproductions of the natural hormones that are responsible for the coloring of the skin. However, research is showing that this synthetically-produced peptide may work well for various other issues as well.

Melanotan I

Melanotan I was discovered through a process that was used to research ways to fight against the occurrence of skin cancer, which is often the direct result of too much time in the sun without the proper skin protection. The pigments of the skin can affect whether a person is more susceptible to skin cancer. For instance, fair skinned individuals are more likely to develop the condition than those who have dark skin. While there is a natural element in the body that mimics this peptide, its half-life is much shorter, which means the peptide may be more effective than the natural version of the hormone.
This peptide is ideal for use in studies that look at the causes and prevention of skin cancer in humans, as well as various other studies. In the past, it has been used to research various other conditions that are related to the sun, such as polymorphous light eruption and solar urticaria. While more research is needed, it has been found that Melanotan I can be an effective treatment option for these conditions.

Melanotan II

Another variation of the same natural hormone, Melanotan II triggers melanocortin receptors that can have an impact on the production of pigmentation in the skin. However, during various research studies, it was found that this peptide may have other uses as well. This means researchers purchase this peptide to conduct research on issues, such as sexual libido, dieting and lipid metabolism. If research indicates that Melanotan II can be an effective treatment option for these conditions, it may be introduced as a weight loss option for individuals, as well as a sexual dysfunction treatment. However, these uses have not yet been approved and will require additional research to determine the efficacy of Melanotan as a treatment option.

At Pro Peptides, we take great pride in offering the highest quality peptides to researchers around the world. We offer both Melanotan I and Melanotan II for research purposes, allowing researchers to take this and other types of research to a new level. There is an answer for every problem if scientists can find the correlation between body hormones and its processes. The use of these peptides provides a strong base for those who are interested in conducting more research. With further development, these elements could become a preventive agent for skin cancer or cure a number of other conditions that are related to the sun, as well as those that aren’t related at all.

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