More Than One Urgent Care Solution in North Shore Clinics

It’s one thing to be an urgent care provider, and it’s another to be one who offers laboratory and x-ray services to patients as well, so the patient doesn’t just come in for a quick fix and a recommendation to go to their primary care doctor the next day for lab work and x-rays. Besides treating illness and injury and being available weekends and evenings, an Urgent Care Solution in North Shore that is offered includes emergency dental care, which is more comprehensive than simply providing pain medication and a referral to a dentist office in the morning.

PremierCare provides other care for patients besides urgent care, such as occupational medicine. Occupational medical services include physical exams and drug screenings for new hires as well as ongoing random drug screens for employees. An advantage of having an urgent care facility provide these services mean that employees don’t have to miss out on any of their shift at work or training that day. The facility is open after-hours and on weekends, so these exams can be scheduled outside of the employee’s work hours. If the patient’s employer requires a return to work physical after the employee has been out sick for awhile, this facility can provide that specific kind of screening. The Department of Transportation has their own criteria for employee physicals, and the medical facility is familiar with their requirements and paperwork.

The clinic offers another kind of Urgent Care Solution in North Shore by providing vaccinations on a timely basis without making patients wait for weeks for an appointment. The clinic also provides back to school physicals for students, as well as the required medical clearance a student needs before participating in sports activities.

Patients can get their required vaccinations here before traveling to another country. Likewise, those who are immigrating to this country will be required to get their vaccinations from a clinic who is authorized to fill out their paperwork on form I-693 and complete it, sign it, stamp it, and seal it as required. Patients don’t have to worry if they came here without their medical records from home, and they don’t know what their vaccination history is. The technician can do a blood draw and determine what antibodies they have, which lets them know what vaccines the patient still needs.

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