Most Expensive Types of Car Repair in Boulder CO

Owning a car comes with its own set of challenges such as repairs, which can come without notice and really mess up a good day. Having your car in the repair shop is bad enough but when your mechanic comes back with bad news it can make a bad situation even worse. Some repairs that have to be done to a car can be quite expensive and take a long time to complete, which means you will be without a car for a while. Here are a few of the most expensive types of Car Repair in Boulder MO.

A Seized Engine

One of the worst things to hear from your auto mechanic is that your car’s engine is seized up due to lack of oil. A seized engine is basically when your engine locks up and all of the moving parts stop moving due to lack of lubrication. In most cases, this means that you will have to get a complete engine replacement in order to fix the problem. A new engine is very costly and takes quite a while to put in and get it going again. You may be able to save a few dollars by getting a used engine versus a new one, but make

Cracked Head or Blown Head Gasket

Another very expensive car repair is a head gasket replacement, which is usually a result of an extremely overheated engine. If you notice that you have anti-freeze coming out of your tail pipe after your car has overheated, then you need to get it into your mechanic immediately. The longer you run your car with a blown head gasket, the more damage you will do to the actual cylinder heads, which are extremely expensive to replace. If you get the car in the shop in time, you may be able to reduce your repair bill significantly.

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