Never Deal with Clogged Drains in Florida Again

by | May 6, 2013 | Home and Garden

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In South Florida, just like in all other coastal communities, there is a huge demand for good Drain Cleaning Fort Lauderdale. The reason for such a demand is pretty basic. Coastal plumbing systems are always susceptible to slow drainage because there is not much elevation to force any increased water pressure. Since the drainage is typically slower, this means that they are more susceptible to buildup of debris and sediment which can lead to clogged drains and sometimes even total blockage.

Why Drains Clog

In Fort Lauderdale sediment is the main cause of clogged and blocked drains. The soil is very sandy, which always seems to find its way into drains. This is true even for homes and buildings that are away from the ocean and waterways. Drains are capable of handling a little sand and debris, but over time this can actually build up and eventually clog or completely block the drain. These clogs and blockages are usually deep within a plumbing system, so a true professional plumber is needed in order to locate the area of blockage and treat it.

Now besides the natural causes of blockage like sand and sediment there are also human related causes. Some of these leading causes can be soap, food debris, grime, insoluble items introduced into the plumbing system, and of course hair. Home maintenance can unclog a lot of these issues, especially if they are small.

Solutions to Clogged Drains

There are a lot of very powerful drain cleaning solutions that can be purchased at local stores that can do a fantastic job of unclogging drains and keeping the pipes clear. For the most part, these solutions are relatively inexpensive. It is always good to have these options on hand at all times in case of emergency.

Sometimes, though, an emergency is so great that the normal household solutions are just not enough. If this is the case, then a Drain Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is needed. There are a lot of plumbers available in the Fort Lauderdale area and actually quite a few very good plumbers. Once a connection is made with a very good plumber it is always wise to keep that plumber’s phone number close by, especially if they offer emergency services. Good plumbers that can be called on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are absolutely invaluable.

Having clogged drains in South Florida is very common. There is no need to panic if that happens. Always try to solve the clogged drain problem first with common household solutions. If that does not work, then just call a plumber. Do not waste valuable money on repeating the solution. Calling a plumber immediately can save a lot of money later.

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