Night Time Classes for Adults at a Law School in Orange County

Many people who did not get the opportunity to continue their educations after graduating from high school are now looking for ways to do so. Online courses are one way for them to get their educations, but often, studying online and not in a classroom atmosphere just seems to be lacking something. Unfortunately, a lot of people who want to go back to school have other obligations, and must work in order to pay the bills. This means that they can’t take regular classes during the daytime. In the past, many community colleges would offer some night courses, but these were mainly in trades. Now, colleges and universities are offering many night programs, so anyone can take advantage of a higher education.

For those who are looking for this type of Law School in Orange County, they only need to look as far as Pacific Coast University (PCU) Law School. This isn’t your average college with teens and 20-somethings strolling around the campus. This is a college with a student body mainly comprised of adults who work and live in the community. PCU has more women and minority students than many other law schools, and works with those who have limited funds but want to continue their educations in the field of law. One of the main policies at this college is to keep costs low so an education in law is available to anyone who wants it.

The program at PCU consists of traditional law school curriculum, and students can achieve the Juris Doctor degree. Graduates are fully prepared for the General Bar Examination of California, and the program covers all areas of this examination, in addition to many other topics that all lawyers must be well versed in.

This is a small college, with just 50 students at a time. This means that students attending this Law School in Orange County are going to be able to receive the individual attention they may not be able to get at larger colleges and universities. PCU serves the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and welcomes mature students who want to improve their lot in life and enjoy fulfilling careers.

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