Oak Lawn Disability Attorney: Qualifying For Disability

Social security is the name of a social welfare program that aids in helping individuals save enough money to survive after they retire. While you work, each of your paychecks will be taxed. A portion of that tax money is going to go to your social security benefits. The purpose of collecting this money is to provide it to people who:

Have already retired
*  Are disabled
Are the survivor of a worker who passed away
*  Is the dependent of a beneficiary

How Do You Qualify For Social Security Benefits?

When you work and pay your social security taxes, you are earning credits towards receiving social security benefits. Unless you are applied for disability benefits you would be required to wait until you reach a certain number of credits in order to quality for retirement. In total, you need 40 credits which equals 10 years of working a full-time job.

When Can You Start Receiving Social Security Benefits?

You must reach what is known as full retirement age in order to qualify for your social security benefits. Technically, you can start getting benefits as early as age 62 as long as your situation meets the requirements and you have enough credits. However, most people do not start applying for benefits until they reach age 65, 66, or 67. It is important to keep in mind that if you get your benefits early instead of waiting until your full retirement age you are going to receive an amount that is slightly less than what you would have received otherwise.

Getting your retirement benefits is a pretty standard process that does not always require the assistance of an Oak Lawn disability attorney. In fact, it is more common for people to reach out to a law firm such as Nash Disability Law for an attorney when they are applying for disability benefits long before the age of retirement. As long as you meet the requirements and have met the age of retirement, the government does not make a habit of denying people social security. It is when a much younger person is applying for disability that it is not uncommon for them to get rejected. It is when you get rejected for benefits that you need an Oak Lawn disability attorney if you want to fight for those benefits.

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