Oh, My Aching Back

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Health Care

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Just like headaches, backaches seem to be something that most people suffer from on a fairly regular basis. Statistics indicate that at any given time in America, including Fresno, CA, 31 million people are suffering from low-back pain. Surveys have indicated that approximately half of all Americans in the workforce deal with some back pain symptoms each year. Many suffer in silence or turn to addictive pain medicines, but more and more, back pain sufferers are turning to a chiropractor to get relief from their symptoms.

The number one reason why people visit an M.D. is for upper-respiratory symptoms, followed closely by the number two reason: back pain. In fact, backaches are the reason most people miss work. However, because most back pain has a mechanical rather than an organic cause, there is very little that a medical doctor can do other than to prescribe pain medicine to mask the symptoms.

A chiropractor, on the other hand, will use spinal manipulation to treat back pain at its source. A chiropractor adjusts the spine in such a way that pain is reduced almost immediately, blood flow is increased to the area, and the patient needs little to no inactivity in order to recover. In fact, after years of relative anonymity among traditional health care professionals, chiropractic care is now recognized as one of the first options that back pain sufferers should choose, especially those looking for drugless treatment that is both safe and effective.

With the American public spending more than $50 billion on back pain every year, and with so many people suffering from some sort of back ailment, seeking the safest, most effective form of mechanical correction with a chiropractor makes good financial and health sense. As more and more people turn to a chiropractor for relief, the benefits of chiropractic care become more evident. Even better, many chiropractors are offering modernized chiropractic care that relies on imaging systems and low-force impulses to treat painful areas. This achieves the same results as traditional manipulations without the twisting, popping, and snapping associated with the traditional chiropractic.

If you are like the rest of the American population and have bouts of back pain, drug-free chiropractic care can offer you relief. Contact a Fresno, CA chiropractor today to arrange a consultation. Inquire as to whether the chiropractor uses imaging technology to detect specific problem areas so that you can experience the gentle and painless treatment that such imaging technology provides. Chiropractic care is safe and effective in treating back pain, and a Fresno, CA chiropractor that utilizes painless imaging technology to provide that care is even better.

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