One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure

Nov 18, 13 One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure

Money may not grow on trees but you can certainly find it laying all around you. Well, not cash, but the next best thing. Scrap collecting is like picking up free money. We have all seen it and driven right past it thinking it was just a pile of trash at the curb. Take a closer look. As kids many of us (older guys) used to walk to the store looking in trash cans for bottles to sell back to the store. We did not think of it as recycling – merely getting some pocket money for snacks. With the popularity of recycling the same concept holds true but is worth a lot more than pocket change! Once you find it, you only have to find a scrap metal dealer in Cheltenham.

Where to find it

You don’t have to search a lot to find scrap metals. Keep a watchful eye and you will soon be surprised at how much you have never noticed. Discarded batteries, storm doors, gutters, piping, and water heaters no name a few. Also learn when the bulk trash pickup is in your area. Not just the regular rubbish, but the bulk items like tree limbs, appliances etc. Once you know the schedule you can look around the night before and gather a lot of discarded items. You are bound to have some amazing finds. Most will be recyclable. But you will also find much that can be reused – either by you, or you can have a car boot sale.

Organize for maximum profit

As you collect your new found treasure it is best to start organising it straight away. You get more money for the metals if they are separated. Aluminium cans are the easiest. You may need to learn a little about metal to sort the rest. Use a magnet to separate the ferrous and non ferrous metals. Iron, steel and other nonferrous metals are heavy but not generally worth as much as the ferrous, non-magnetic metals. Copper, aluminium, and stainless steel are fairly common and worth more than steel or iron. The scrap metal dealers in Cheltenham will pay more for these. Visit website for more information!

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