Ordering Business Cards in Orange County

Business Cards Orange County are an essential part of a good marketing campaign, and for their cost and size, they’re a very powerful part. However, a business card can’t tell your company’s entire story; what it should do is give people a professional impression of your company. Your business card’s style should be a match for your company and your field, and when you are choosing a design, you should choose one that projects the right image. Below are five card styles to consider:

1. Basic cards are printed on white stock in black ink. These are a good choice when all you want to do is get your name out there.

2. Picture cards can help people remember you the next time they see you. If the picture represents your products or services, it can get the message across effectively.

3. Textured cards use nonstandard materials, shapes and embossing to create a memorable impression.

4. Multipurpose cards can help you promote your business, and they can also serve as reminders or coupons. They provide valuable information to customers as well.

5. Fancy cards can draw customers in, and they’re only limited by your imagination and your budget.

Ordering Your Cards

Once you decide on a basic design, you can take your ideas to the printer. When you’re ordering cards, there are four things to consider: finish, color, weight and quantity. Most cards are printed on 80 pound stock, and it’s usually a good idea to print more because the cost is mainly in the setup.

One More Thing….

It may seem obvious, but it could be costly if you forget the essentials. Don’t forget to include your name, the name of your business, your job title, contact information, and the name of your business website. After all, if someone wants to get in touch with you, you want to make it easy for them to do so! Business Cards Orange County are a relatively inexpensive way to get your business name and information in front of current and potential customers, and there are so many design options available that you’re sure to find one that suits your company.

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