Partial Dentures Improve Your Smile

Mar 17, 21 Partial Dentures Improve Your Smile

If you are looking to improve your smile by replacing some bad or broken teeth then partial dentures in Hamilton, GA is the place to go. Many people have to face the expense of complete dentures because of issues with their permanent teeth, but others are lucky enough to just need a few teeth replaced. There are many reasons why permanent teeth might need to be replaced; poor oral hygiene, poor diet, or just simply being too old to do their job. So if you are missing just a few teeth in the upper or lower jaw, then they can be replaced with removable partial denture (RPD). These RPDs are inexpensive compared with a complete set of new dentures, so protecting and looking after what remaining teeth you have, is a prudent course of action.

There are several types of Partial Dentures In Hamilton, GA available. All of them use replacements made from standard plastic denture teeth. The differences between them are the kids of appliances that the dentist uses to attach the partial into the mouth. Most people have what is called a flipper attached in their mouth while they are waiting for the real teeth to be made and the gums to heal if extractions have been done. The flipper is what is called an immediate partial denture, which means that it can be placed in immediately after surgery. The flipper is made before extraction are done, and then attached after the offending teeth are removed. This means a patient can come in in the morning with a hurting tooth, and then leave with a better feeling tooth.

Another kind of partial dentures in Hamilton, GA is cast metal RPDs. This kind of partial sits on and is attached to the teeth. These kids of partials are one of the oldest around. These kinds of partials are cast to actually fit the teeth. Since they sit on the teeth and are attached to them, they fit snuggly and are extremely stabalized. This type of partial does not actually make contact with the gums, so when the swelling in the gums recedes, the partial remains in its position.

The latest advancement in partial dentures has come about with the nylon fabric being used. It is incredibly strong, colored to look like the gums, and can be built quite thin. The clamps are built out of the nylon fabric so they are strong and virtually indistinguishable.

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