People Who Hate Their Teeth Should Ask their Lancaster Dentist About Veneers

It can be very depressing for people to get up, smile in the bathroom mirror and see ugly teeth smiling back. Not only is it depressing, but it can also affect the way that colleagues and bosses view a person. It might not be fair but it does happen. When the boss wants a public presentation made, he’ll always choose the person that he thinks will make the best impression. Often looks play a big part in that type of decision. So if a competent person finds that they are only working inside the office, they should meet with a cosmetic dentist to discuss their options.

The veneers in Lancaster are shells which fit over teeth and can make a dramatic improvement in a person’s teeth. If resin veneers are used, it only takes the dentist one visit to shape them and affix them to a person’s teeth. Before the dentist actually makes the veneers, he has to check the patient’s tooth enamel to ensure that they have enough. Once that determination is made the dentist scrapes a thin layer of enamel off of each tooth. He then makes the resin veneers and glues them to each tooth. This can hide yellow teeth, chipped teeth, and uneven gaps between the teeth.

Some patients prefer that their veneers in Lancaster be made of porcelain. They feel that the porcelain looks more like a real tooth. The only down side is that the porcelain shells are made at a dental laboratory. Therefore the patient has to return for a second visit. Once they are affixed, the patient will be very pleased with the results. Most people find that they have the perfect smile that they’ve always dreamed of.

The dentist will teach the patient how to care for the veneers to make them last as long as possible. Resin veneers to absorb stains more easily than porcelain styles, so those have to be cleaned more quickly after eating foods such as blueberries. In addition to helping get plum assignments at work, they can also help a person look great for wedding photographs, a family reunion and even the dreaded high school reunion.

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