Pet Nail Trimming in Alexandria: The Importance of it and How to Prepare the Nails

Jul 11, 19 Pet Nail Trimming in Alexandria: The Importance of it and How to Prepare the Nails

Pet Nail Trimming in Alexandria seems simple. Purchase a tool to handle the job and start snipping. Unfortunately, there are many pets that don’t enjoy nail care, and some even respond in a negative manner. This means clipping the nails properly and preparing the nail first is crucial.

The Importance of Nail Trimming

Sharp and long nails may cause injuries to people, scratch furniture and floors, and cause animals discomfort or pain if the nails become too overgrown. Most pet owners don’t want their pet’s nails to grow too long, but maintaining shorter nails on dogs has several challenges. This is especially the case if the nails are only trimmed at the grooming appointments that occur every few months.

The Problems Related to Long Nails

As time passes, long nails can wind up altering the structure of the dog’s paw and may even throw off their natural movement. If the nails keep growing without proper maintenance, they may curl and grow into the pad on the foot or splay out to the side, becoming caught on furniture and carpets. Eventually, this may lead to the nail being ripped off, which is quite painful.

Longer nails aren’t just a cosmetic problem. They are also uncomfortable and dangerous for the animal. There are some pets that may be able to wear their nails down naturally when they dig, run, and walk, but it’s up to their owner to ensure Pet Nail Trimming in Alexandria is sought before problems occur.

Why it’s Best to Seek Professional Help

Cutting a dog’s nails is easy for some animals. However, if the animal doesn’t respond well to the process, it can be quite challenging. Professional groomers know how to handle this and can ensure a dog’s nails stay at a healthy and safe length.

Keeping a pet’s nails trimmed and safe is an important job for every pet owner. Contact us to learn more about how to do this and why it is so important. Proper trimming can ensure any animal has healthy nails that won’t cause damage or other issues for the pet now or in the future.

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