Philadelphia Airport Parking Options

Are you planning an extended trip out of Philadelphia? Do you have to leave your car at the airport parking lot for a few days? Are you looking around for a number of parking options? It is always a good idea to know what  the available facilities are so that you can compare the various service providers and choose the one that is best suited for you. Also, airport parking can be expensive, but if you look around a little you can always find cheaper options.

The Philadelphia Airport car park has a number of spaces available for keeping your car depending on the duration that you want to park your car for. There is space available for more than nineteen thousand cars. You can park your car in a garage, a short-term parking zone or an economy zone. If you are parking your car for less than a day, the Short Term zone is a good option, where you pay up to $40 for up to a day.

However despite the large number of parking spaces, there is a greater number of travelers who vie for space. Rush hours can be particularly bad, and you may even be unable to find yourself a space even after having waited for a while. And in busier airports of cities like Philadelphia, the long-term parking lot is almost always full. Further, the parking charges at PHL airport is high. However there are many other cheaper options that you can look at for parking your car for a few days.

For one, you can park at one of several privately owned car parks that are a little distance away from the airport. These provide valet services and often offer great discounts on bookings done in advance. You can often save as much as a third of the costs that you may have incurred at the airport.

If you are bothered about the time that it will take you to get from the terminal to your car, remember that many of these private companies offer shuttle services. These shuttles will take you to the remote car park. Some companies will also deliver your car to the airport for you at an additional charge.

You can also find a hotel close to the airport that offers 24-hour parking facilities throughout the week. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you research well before you hire any services. Also make sure that apart from being located near Philadelphia airport, parking services by private operators should also be safe and reliable.

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