Philadelphia, PA Blade Servers Provider Dispels Myths Concerning Blade Servers

Are you having problems with your computers being hacked? Do you feel it is time to upgrade your IT department and equipment? Do you feel lost when it comes to the computer issues that occur in your system? If so, Computer Connection of Central New York Inc., who sells and services Philadelphia, PA Blade Servers, are available to aid you in whatever issues you have. They want to tell you about some common myths concerning blade servers.

Blade servers made their entry into the IT world in March of 2001, and along with them came a flurry of misinformation and myths concerning them. Some have said blade servers are no good input/output intensive tasks. This simply meant blades were okay for tasks requiring lots of processing power, but not as good for those tasks which took a lot of memory and heavy disk access. However, with external storage, greater choices are now available. Blade servers are not slowed down any more by disk limitations. As long as they are configured correctly, they can have the same speed and storage capacity as other systems.

Another myth about the blade server is the high price tag. To really understand this, you have to factor in everything you are dealing with. The initial cost may be more, but overall, you are saving more when you think about the decrease in the cost from cabling and the management of the system. You will also experience cost savings in cooling and power you wouldn’t get with other systems.

Computer Connection of Central New York, Inc. will sell you blade servers and other IT-related products. Their focus is on IT hardware to suit your business needs, both in Philadelphia, PA and the Greater New York areas. For the enhancement of your security system, they sell IT networking equipment and also provide consulting, hardware recycling, and penetration testing to secure your system against hacking and other possible attacks on your hardware. They are ready to help you, offering suggestions and advice for the upgrading and improvement of the security of your network. To purchase Philadelphia, PA Blade Servers, contact Computer Connection of Central New York, Inc. in Utica, NY, or visit their website,

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