Pipe Fitting’s Adventures With Plumbing in Norristown

Once upon a time in a factory far, away a copper pipe was born and as was forced through the die with a final push, the mill manager took him and washed him and examined him and pronounced him “Fitting.” That was his name Pipe Fitting. Fitting was packaged into a great big box and shipped to his destination, a town called “Norristown.” He was taken from his box and assembled, along with others of his kin, beneath the sink of his new home, which was called “Kitchen.” His job was to let the water from the sink swirl through his belly, and he faithfully did every day. He was very proud.

Time passed, and he heard the voices of the people who lived on the other side of the cabinet door. One was a boy named Tim and Tim loved to cook. He loved to fry meat. Bacon, sausage, pork chops, you name it. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to properly dispose of grease, so when he cleaned up the kitchen, he just poured the grease down the drain. This made Fitting’s curvy tummy feel really full. And fuller. And even more full. Finally, one day he could no longer feel the water singing sweetly through his tummy. His tummy was full of grease, and Fitting felt slimy and sad. Because he could not do his job, the water backed up into the sink and the sight of the greasy water made the mother mad.

“Do you see this?” she scolded Timmy. “This is what happens when you pour grease down the drain! It gets hard and stops up the pipe! Now we have no choice but to call Plumbing Norristown! And so she did.

Before long before the strong, heroic plumber arrived to save the day. He looked at the sink and went straight to work. Within minutes he had loosened the fasteners on either side of Pipe Fitting and eased him off, over a bucket. He cleaned out the nasty grease and gently put Fitting back in place. Then he turned on the water to see if Fitting leaked, and if water was flowing through his tummy as it should. He didn’t, and it was!

Finally all was right with Pipe Fitting’s world again. He felt like a young pipe again, Tim had learned a lesson, and the plumber was the hero of the day!

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