Plumbers in Potomac Can Help You With Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Plumbing

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Bathroom remodeling projects often have to take plumbing into consideration. Whether you are simply installing a new toilet or moving all of the fixtures in your bathroom, you can benefit from the expert knowledge of a plumber. Hiring a plumber can mean the difference between a disaster and the bathroom of your dreams.

Plumbers in Potomac can work with your remodeling contractor to ensure that your design is feasible. Your plumber can help you design your bathroom and even help you choose fixtures. Whether you have lived in your home for decades and tired of the outdated bathroom designed or you recently purchased a home with a bathroom that doesn’t fit your style, remodeling can help you enjoy the time you spend in the bathroom.

Many homeowners choose to remove the bathtub from their master bathroom and replace it with a shower. There are many different options in showers available today. When you remodel, you can choose the tile and lighting. You can also decide whether or not you want to install a door on your shower. Doorless showers have been popular in Europe for years but have only recently gained recognition here in the United States. Foregoing a shower door allows you to have an open design. Your plumber can ensure that your bathroom has proper drainage to protect against puddling on the floors.

You may also choose fixtures that help you conserve water. Low-flow or dual-flush toilets use less water. These toilets can use less than half of the normal amount of water for every flush. Dual-flush toilets allow homeowners to use more or less water depending on what you are flushing. By using a low-flow or dual-flush toilet properly, you may save money on your water bill.

Plumbers in Potomac, including Acker and Sons, Inc., are highly experienced in installing and maintaining kitchen and bathroom plumbing systems. They are an important part of any major kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Having a plumber on your team can give you more options for your project. Without a plumber, you may have to keep all of your fixtures in the same location. Visit website for more information.

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