Pop up canopies, what are they used for?

Instant pop up canopies are usually small, perhaps 5’x5’ or 10’x10’, and are often seen at weekend flea markets, covers for use at outdoor sporting events and for shade protection in the garden.

The construction is simple, instant pop up canopies are constructed of two components, the frame and the canopy top and at times, sides. The entire canopy can be carried like a suitcase when it is dismantled. The frame material is usually aluminum tubing which has been give a protective coating. The assembly is very simple, once the frame is taken from the case, the rest is all done automatically, it simply forms its own shape with no further intervention, and the entire frame is free standing.

The top and sides are made from polyester which has been treated to give it resistance to water and fire. They cannot ever be considered waterproof as there are sewn seams which will leak. The canopies are available in a rainbow of colors and many are silk screened after assembly with the name of the company that will be using it.

Instant pop up canopies are the ideal solution for small trade shows. The company can arrive at the venue with a few suitcases of product and the canopy, within minutes from arrival; they are ready to do business. Many canopies are used when lots are being pre-sold in a new subdivision.

They give as much coverage on the floor as the size of the canopy. A 5’x5’ straight leg canopy will provide 25 square feet of shade, if the slant leg version is used; the coverage is reduced by about 20%.

Once the frame has erected itself, it is a simple matter of putting the cover on and it’s done. At some trade shows, a half wall is also used to act as a demarcation line between vendors, full walls are also available.

When the canopy is purchased, it is important that the fabric be waterproof and durable. When the fabric is treated, water will simply roll off the surface, protecting whatever is under cover. The durability of the canopy depends on the denier of the fabric. The fabrics used are traditionally polyurethane and PVC, a 500 denier top and 300 denier side panels are ideal, they are not too heavy to carry but are quite durable.

Instant pop up canopies really come into their own when the seasons change and the nice weather comes around. This is the time of year when the kids begin playing baseball and soccer and you will see parents unloading their kids, their sports gear and their canopy. The parents can sit back, out of the sun and enjoy watching their children enjoy themselves.

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