Pre-Planning and At Need Funerals in Woodland CA

There are basically two ways to handle final arrangements. Everyone had the option of pre-planning or at need services for Funerals in Woodland, CA. Pre-planning allows you to reduce at least some of the stress out of the loss for your family. At need is when your family has to make all the decisions regarding putting you to rest. The unexpected loss of a child or younger loved one often results in an at need funeral and arrangements. The following will discuss the basics of these two ways of taking care of final arrangements.


When you choose to make your final arrangements yourself, you get to choose what you want and pay for it before anything happens to you. It is a good way to show your loved ones you care enough to not leave all the decisions up to them. You also benefit from choosing the type of service you want, where you want it, and who you want to perform certain tasks during the funeral. You get to choose your own urn if you want to be cremated or casket if you want to be buried. If you have specific ideas for your final arrangements, pre-planning is a good solution for you.

At Need

Not everyone is overly concerned about what type of services are chosen after they are gone, so at need services are also available to loved ones. It is not uncommon for most people to have some kind of life insurance or final expenses coverage to help offset the expenses even if they do not have any other pre-planning arrangements done. That will at least take the financial stress off the family. However, when a loved one is lost due to an accident or sudden illness, pre-planning is not something thought of, so at need services are used for these situations.

Regardless of how you choose to handle final arrangements, the funeral director and staff at funeral homes are compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable about helping you with your needs. Pre-planning is beneficial and will allow you to make payments using an affordable payment plan. Funerals in Woodland, CA for at need or pre-planning final arrangements can be done at the Milton Carpenter Funeral Home and McCune Garden Chapel

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