Preformed swimming pools, what are they?

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Home and Garden, Swimming Pools

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It was not too long ago that a homeowner had two choices if they wanted a swimming pool in the backyard; one choice was an above ground pool and the other was a concrete pool which was constructed from scratch. Many people were not all that taken with above ground Long Island pools as they were not all that attractive and there were limited choices for the decking. The poured concrete pool was attractive but prohibitively expensive. Now that there are preformed pools, similar results to a poured in pool can be had, and it involves only about half the construction cost. The preformed pool does not eliminate the need for a hole but it allows for simple installation of the liner.

Preformed Long Island pools are factory made; when they are completed they look like a huge fiberglass bathtub. The pool liner when produced at the factory is ready for installation when it arrives on site. The installation contractor has to dig the hole, level it with sand and set the pool into the prepared hole. When the pool is completed, the top sits flush with the grade so that it can be decked and landscaped the same as the concrete pool.

The time to install a preformed pool is only about seven to 10 days; this is very much quicker than a concrete pool which can take weeks of work. Not only can the pool be installed quicker, it is stronger than concrete as it is not prone to cracking, thus they are ideal for installation in areas prone to earthquakes.

Unlike concrete pools, a fiberglass preformed pool requires very little maintenance, it never needs painting. In most cases the maintenance and operating costs are less as well as most owners use sand filters which reduces the amount spent on pool chemicals. A preformed pool is never drained; the pool is always filled, winter and summer. The pressure of the water equalizes the pressure of the surrounding soil. By not having to drain the pool in the off season, the savings in water can be considerable.

There are similar issues to a concrete pool when it comes to the terrain. The grade must be flat for the installation of either a preformed or concrete pool and if it is necessary to build retaining wall, the soil behind the wall can be prone to shifting.

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