Preparing for a Replacement of Window Glass in Arlington

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Glass

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An intact window is a part of a home’s security system. It also serves as an insulator and aesthetic enhancer. When one or more panes are broken, it’s essential to replace the Window Glass in Arlington. Doing this will restore the functionality and longevity of the window system. By following some tips, you can prepare your window for a replacement.

Safety is the number one priority when replacing a Window Glass in Arlington. Always wear protective gloves when handling glass that is defective in any way. Don’t assume that small shards of glass can’t penetrate your skin. You can purchase a pair of safety gloves for a low cost at many home centers and hardware stores. Don’t allow children or pets around you while you handle the glass. Broken glass should be disposed of immediately in a proper receptacle. Sweep the floor after you finish with a window repair. In addition, ensure that you have adequate lighting before starting a window replacement.

Start your repair preparation by removing the old pane of glass from the window stile. Carefully remove large pieces of glass by pulling them in a direction away from you. If the window is broken with no large removable pieces, you will have to break the glass. Place a piece of cardboard against the glass. This should be positioned between you and the broken glass. With a hammer or rubber mallet, lightly tap the glass to facilitate its breakage. After there are loose pieces, remove these one at a time in a cautious manner.

After you have removed all defective glass, you will need to extricate all the putty. Use a putty knife to do this. As you are removing this hardened paste, take out any glazer’s points used to hold the pane in place. If the putty is too hard to remove, use a heating element such as a heat gun to warm it up. Warm putty is more pliable than dry putty. After you have freed the area of old materials, you can insert a new pane to restore the integrity of the window system. Please click here for info regarding residential and commercial window services.

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