Preparing your Computer for Recycling Service in Alsip IL

Recycling your old, unused computer is a great way to dispose of your computer. Instead of simply throwing it away in the trash, taking your computer to a location that specializes in Recycling Service in Alsip IL is a great way to protect the environment and allow those usable parts of your computer to be preserved. In order to get the best experience from this process, it is imperative that you are first preparing your computer. Failing to properly secure your information and data before dropping the unit off to BLH Computers in Alsip can serve as a recipe for disaster.

Analyze What’s on the Drive

The first thing you need to do is look over your computer to see what information is on it. Depending on just how long you’ve had your computer you could have significant amount of information on there. Taking the time to analyze your drive will give you an idea of just which files you’ll need to transfer.

Transfer your Files

After you’ve taken the time to analyze what files are on your computer and which of them you actually want to retain, you are then ready to transfer these files and programs to a removable storage unit. It is imperative that you are doing this before you actually clean the computer, because once you clean the computer these files will forever be gone. If you only have a few files that you need to transfer, a small USB style storage unit should be sufficient enough for you to store your files. However, if you have a significant amount of information you need to transfer, you will need a larger unit.

Wipe the Drive

A common misconception many people have is that once they’ve removed or deleted the files from their drive they are actually gone. However, this is not the case. Before taking your old computer to a recycling service in Alsip IL you need to first ensure that the disk has been wiped clean. In order to help with this step there are a number of software options that can perform the process for you. Remember, even if you’ve deleted the files, they can still be retrieved, so ensure you are actually wiping them away.

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