Preventative Maintenance and Service for Commercial Heating in Richmond KY

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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A home’s central air conditioning consumes about 6 to 7 percent of its total fuel use. On average, space heating consumes roughly 41 to 42 percent of a home’s overall energy bill. In commercial buildings these percentages are higher because of the number of air conditioning units, heating systems and the size of the building structures. In a small to medium-sized shopping center complex, there are either larger or multiple smaller HVAC units covering 10,000 or more square feet. Qualified HVAC vendors, such as Jones Heating and Cooling, help commercial real estate owners and property management companies maintain the building’s heating and cooling systems. Jones Heating and Cooling is a provider of commercial heating in Richmond KY.

Commercial real estate owners often stipulate whether the responsibility for HVAC maintenance falls within the tenant’s or the landlord’s purview. Smaller office tenants may not be responsible, while larger big box retail tenants are. As part of the lease requirements, tenants must secure an HVAC maintenance and repair agreement with a qualified vendor. Tenants are free to select the vendor of their choice as long as they give the landlord proof of the maintenance agreement. A landlord will sometimes give tenants a list of recommended companies who service and repair commercial heating in Richmond KY.

Selecting a repair and service vendor who specializes in commercial heating in Richmond KY is important because commercial systems differ from residential systems. The capacity of commercial systems is larger and the location of HVAC units is often on the building’s roof. Service from an inexperienced or unqualified vendor is likely to cause roof leaks and roof-related damage. What appears to be a roof leak could be a problem with condensation and leakage from an air conditioning unit. A trained commercial technician will know how to spot what’s causing water and liquid to seep through.

Commercial HVAC companies offer preventative maintenance contracts, but they also replace and install entire systems. Shopping centers and buildings zoned for commercial use have a higher level of heating and cooling needs than a residential building. The size, age and location of the system require a vendor to service and inspect it more often. Many HVAC preventative maintenance agreements call for quarterly inspections of all parts of a heating and cooling system.

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