Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ Tips

Many homeowners love carpet flooring because of the comfort and beauty it offers. Another big positive for carpets is that they are relatively easy to clean, that is, until they encounter a difficult stain. Common household stains that can affect carpets badly include substances such as wine, grape juice, mud and barbecue sauce to name a few. If you find yourself struggling with a carpet stain, utilize the following Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ tips to make removal easier.

Tackle stains quickly – To get the best results from carpet stain removal it is important to tackle the stain as quickly as possible after it happens. Stains that sit for too long end up becoming set in and extremely difficult to remove. Make every effort possible to start working on removing the stain as soon as it occurs.

Blot excess liquid – The first step in remedying a carpet stain is removing any excess liquid or other material that spills. An effective method for accomplishing this is using a clean cloth to blot the excess from the carpet. By blotting and not rubbing, you pull moisture away from the carpet without increasing the surface area of the stain or pushing it further into the fibers.

Test carpet cleaner before use – There are many carpet cleaning formulations that are geared for home use, however, because every carpet fiber is unique each one has the potential to react differently. Common adverse effects of carpet cleaners are leaving visibly lighter, darker or discolored spots during and after cleaning. It is best to test the cleaner on a small and inconspicuous area before attempting to remove the actual stain.

Work from the outside in – After blotting the stain and as you apply your chosen carpet cleaner, always begin from the outer edges of the stain and work towards the middle. This process prevents the stain from becoming more spread out and restricts it to the initial area.

Use these tips to help make carpet cleaning a simple and low stress activity. For the deep cleaning of all carpet flooring in your home or office, get the best results by utilizing the services of a quality carpet cleaning specialist like Red Mountain Carpet and Tile.

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