4 ways in which property solicitors can help you

by | Aug 17, 2010 | Legal Advice

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Are you looking for a good property solicitor to purchase a new property? A property solicitor will help you in getting the best deal. In addition, they will save you from the hassles of purchasing a new property.

How Property Solicitors can help you?

Property solicitors will also provide you with valuable advice pertaining to the various aspects involved with purchasing of a new property. Following are some advantages of opting for the services of property solicitors.

1. Re-evaluate Costs

The Property solicitor or attorney will firstly co-ordinate with the bank mortgage officer. He/she will request the mortgage officer to change the terms and conditions where they don’t seem appropriate. They will also re-examine the property taxes and find out if any adjustments are required. The solicitor will seek the help of the Secretary of State for any adjustments. A property solicitor will also arrange for title insurance to safeguard the client’s assets.

2. Closing Contracts

This is another department in which a property solicitor can help you. Some of the different tasks performed by the solicitor include registration of legal documents and facilitating the validity of ownership transfers. Buying a property is a stressful task. Therefore, the attorney will co-ordinate with the bank and reduce the stress associated with buying a new property.

3. No Move No Fee

This is a newer feature introduced by property solicitors to attract the property buyers. According to this agreement, you need not pay any fees until and unless the solicitor gets you a good deal. Thus, you are saved from the additional expenses of buying a new property.

4. Regulated Transaction


A benefit of seeking the services of solicitors is that the entire transaction is carried out in a legal way. Such solicitors are listed with professional bodies such as The Law Society. This acts as an assurance that you are not being a part of any underhand activities.

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