Protect children from burns in the playground

by | Apr 17, 2014 | Business

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There are still many commercial playground slides that are built using a metal sliding surface. As a parent or guardian it is important to know that this can pose a problem on hot days as this metal is thin and can heat up very quickly and retain heat even if it should become overcast. It takes no time at all for a child’s skin to be burnt on this type of surface. Studies have been conducted that provide evidence that young children, the age group that loves a slide are more at risk than older kids because their reaction time is slower. If you are responsible for a commercial playground, perhaps as part of your duties around an apartment complex, there are ways to overcome this problem.

The equipment:

Wood and metal are the traditional materials used to make commercial playground slides but modern equipment, realizing the drawbacks of these materials are now made from plastic which is not only strong, it is resistant to all weather and the slide surface will not heat up to the point where it will cause skin burns.

Surface tests:

Although metal slides are particularly bad, any playground equipment made from metal is just as liable to cause burns. If the playground is in the direct sun, always place your hands on metal poles and components of jungle gyms, etc and assess whether the equipment may pose a risk to your child. If an adult can keep their hand on the metal surface up to the count of five this would indicate that it is safe for the child.

Check the mats:

At the bottom of commercial playground slides one will most often find that the landing surface is a rubber safety mat. These mats help to cushion a child in the event of a fall but they have been known to heat to the point where they can burn a child’s foot, this is particularly true if the mat color is black which tends to retain heat far more than colored mats.

Play it safe:

When you have children and you take them to the playground, it is far better to be safe than sorry. If you have a playground in your neighborhood that has modern, all plastic commercial playground slides you are far less likely to have your child burned from a hot surface.

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