Protect Your Home and Hearth With Proper Pest Control in Fairfield County, CT

Modern homes have gotten incredibly expensive with many reaching seven figures in price and for many people protecting that asset is one of their number one priorities. As part of this protection people employ various means of blocking or eliminating the pesky little critters that tend to invade when we aren’t looking. Home pests come in a variety of types and sizes. There are furry little animals like rodents which includes mice, rats, raccoons and even squirrels to many legged insects that tend to bite when accidentally disturbed.

The application of pest control in Fairfield County CT is more than simply spraying chemicals to remove the problem. In fact, to properly prevent an infestation of any pest the exterminator needs to discover where these problems can enter your property. For most of the invaders to your home and hearth the average fence is no barrier and those that can’t find easy entrance are very adept at making their own. For example, rodents are notorious for chewing their way into a house leaving telltale signs that can be readily discovered. Raccoons on the other hand often stay outside and disturb the trash whenever possible, however, even they will take advantage of an open door or hole in the wall.

One of the worst problems that Pest Control in Fairfield County, CT contractors often deal with are termites. These little ant-like insects have been on the planet for millions of years and normally serve the vital ecological function of consuming dead forest debris. Unfortunately, we tend to use those forest at a rapid rate leaving lots of delicious wood ready for termites to consume. To keep this particular problem under control your exterminator will need to do some serious searching for the various ways that termites can enter a home.

Eliminating these problem pests is what the professionals do and companies like Garrie Pest Control LLC do it very well. In fact, no amount of hardware pesticides, traps and other controls can reach the strength and proficiency of the products the professionals use and very few homeowners possess the same skills for locating and eliminating these problems.

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