Protecting your Home from Dryer Fires

When you do your laundry and then dry your clothes in your dryer, you will know it is important to clean the lint filter to prevent lint from building up. The exact same rules applies to the vent at the back of your dryer. When you install your dryer you will receive a long silver flexible duct that attaches to the vent hole at one end and the dryer vent at the other. The vent itself goes underneath your home and out through an opening under the floor and into the street. This repels the heat from your home as well as sending all the particles of lint through the duct and not into your home’s atmosphere.

However, without regular cleaning the flexible duct can become clogged with lint particles which build up over time. They can coat the inside of the duct in the same way as the lint filter and it will thick over time and build up to the point where any heat could cause it to combust. The combustion can be so dangerous as to start a fire in your home and this can be disastrous.

Protection and Maintenance

Aside from the flexible duct that you attach to your dryer there is also a system of ductwork under the home that steers the warm air and particles outside. This ductwork can also become highly combustible if it is not cleaned out every so often. The regularity at which you clean your ductwork should ideally be done in accordance with how often you use your dryer. You can, to some degree, partially clean it yourself if you have a long enough vacuum hose, but it is best left to someone with high powered equipment.

Essentially, your dryer duct should not be longer that six feet because this can hamper the effects of the system to expel the lint from the duct. Really speaking, the shorter the better and if you can keep it to less than three feet it has a better chance of clearing the system. If you need Dryer Vent Cleaning In Boston, or anything area of the U.S. contact a local contractor and ask about how dryer vent cleaning works and how much it will cost you.

dryer vent cleaning in Boston is available by professionals who can maintain your entire system. Contact Synergy One Solutions for further information.

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