Purchase Your Medical Reclining Chair Straight From the Manufacturer and Save Money

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Healthcare Services

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There are a number of purposes for which medical professionals need the aid of a comfortable, supportive and easy to clean Medical reclining chair to help aid them in administering medical care to their patients. Such chairs are necessary not only for the comfort of the patients who use them, but also for the convenience of those who administer treatment. Imagine, for instance, how difficult it would be for a dental hygienist to clean a person’s teeth who was sitting in a straight backed chair! Or how uncomfortable a patient would be who is receiving chemotherapy, sitting in a regular chair. Upholstered chairs are difficult to clean and thus an unacceptable and unsanitary substitute. Those who support the medical professions have fortunately developed a line of practical and affordable chairs to meet the health care professional’s needs while simultaneously permitting the patient to rest in comfort.

They offer simple reclining chairs that are appropriate for any number of purposes. They also offer phlebotomy chairs for use in drawing blood. These chairs are helpful anywhere blood needs to be drawn, be it in a hospital, a laboratory and or an outpatient clinics. The arms of these chairs can be adjusted in an almost infinite number of positions to allow for optimal vein access and and patient relaxation. These blood draw chairs have a restraining comfort arm which protect a patient who feels faint, or who loses consciousness by preventing them from falling forward out of the chair. The chairs come with power options, in varying heights, and contoured to fit the patients’ bodies. Bariatric chairs are yet another offering.

Reclining medical chairs make it easy to relieve the stress on a patient’s body, and they are simple for the patient to enter and exit. The chairs come on rolling casters that lock in place, making it so that a patient can be moved effortlessly from one area to another, and the chair stabilized when and where needed.

Comfort Custom Medtek offers 40 different medical grade vinyl upholsteries and 32 different wood type laminates to choose from. Each chair comes with standard options, and their trained staff can customize existing chairs or create specialty chairs to your specifications. Satisfying your medical equipment needs is their priority.

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