Putting the Children First During Divorce

One of the most unfortunate results of divorce is the affect it has on the children. It takes time for children to heal following a divorce and sadly many parents are so caught up in their anger they fail to realize they are having a terrible affect on their children. It is very important to remember that children must always comes first during and following a divorce and one of the best ways to ensure they are coping properly is to participate in the Family Counseling Norman OK parents seek.

Expressing Feelings

It can be very difficult for children to express their feelings during a divorce as they are fearful that they will hurt their parent’s feelings. They may be struggling with who to tell as they are no longer a “whole” family where they can tell their parents as a unit. Instead they are faced with the choice of telling one parent or the other which can be very stressful and troubling for a child. Family counseling provides them a safe and comforting place to discuss their issues without fear of getting into “trouble” with one or both of their parents.

Anger and Sadness

Divorce will cause much anger and sadness for your children and it can be hard for them to handle these powerful and unpleasant emotions. It is not uncommon for children to misbehave or even become more introverted due to their inability to handle their emotions. When you see they are struggling with emotions offering them the family counseling Norman OK children seek can provide them with the perfect place to walk through their emotions and learn how to cope with them instead of internalizing or acting out.

Testing the Waters

It is also very common for children of divorce to test the waters with each parent to see what they can do without getting into trouble. This can cause a lot of difficulty as you might be riddled with guilt and hesitate to discipline your child in the fear that you will be causing them further pain. Family counseling can help parents find their resolve to continue to deal with their children effectively so that they do not develop behavioral issues or become spoiled by two parents unwilling to be the “bad guy”.

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