Questions and Considerations When Hiring a Chimney Repair Company In Bethesda

Whether you’ve found yourself with an old fixer upper house on your hands or you’re looking to renovate your existing home, hiring a quality contractor to handle the Chimney Repair in Bethesda is an excellent idea. These days, industry statistics indicate more than 1/3 of all Americans utilize a fireplace or wood stove in their home. However, what these same statistics also show is more than 1/3 of rural home fires originate in home heating sources like fireplaces. With this in mind, homeowners are wise to seek professionals to make sure all cracks, broken bricks and damages are repaired in a timely manner by professionals who know what to look for.

The wise homeowner will not simply close their eyes and point their fingers to a random number in the phone book, however. Instead, there are certain questions a homeowner should ask of potential companies who state they provide Chimney Repair in Bethesda. Visit them online!

*     How long has your company been operational? This lets you know they have experience in the field.

*    Please provide current references. This allows you to talk to previous clients of the chimney repair company and see if they were pleased with the service they received. Don’t assume just because they gave you the names, they’re good references. Call and check them out prior to hiring them.

*    Inquire if they are members of the BBB and what their rating is with them.

*    What type of liability insurance do you carry? This protects you if they damage themselves or your property while working in your home.

*    What professional organizations do you belong to? This lends credibility to their business, giving you peace of mind they are not some fly by night company.

Other points to consider when requesting a quote for work to be done by a Chimney Repair in Bethesda company is video or photographic proof of what is wrong with the chimney. Make sure you can see details providing proof its your home’s chimney you’re looking at. This also allows the company to explain exactly what is wrong with the chimney and show the homeowner how they plan to repair it. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision immediately, as shopping around for the best price and customer service is the best way to ensure the work is done right and to your satisfaction.

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