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by | Jun 25, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

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There will always be driveway repair in Fort Worth as long as people pursue the dream of owning their own home.  Public taxes take care of the roads in our suburbs, but that stretch from our property line to the garage, is our responsibility.  Checking your driveway after a particularly cold winter, or after summer months that have soared into the triple digits, is always a prudent thing for a homeowner to do.  Minor cracks and small little holes when fixed at those sizes are quick and easy to do.  Leaving them for later can be a much bigger headache for the homeowner.

A smooth, crack-free, even looking driveway is the goal of most homeowners, so taking care of driveway repair in Fort Worth is a smart decision when the problems are small.  In order to check out the condition of your driveway, you will need to clean it off and sweep or vacuum the whole length.  Pay particular attention to small cracks and holes.  Vacuuming them free of rocks, sand, and soil is important.  If you have cracks and holes in the driveway, then rain and sprinkler water has probably entered those cracks.  Seepage water can undermine the integrity of any asphalt structure and they need to be sealed up as soon as possible.

driveway repair Fort Worth

driveway repair Fort Worth

Driveway repair in Fort Worth starts after you have cleaned off the driveway and then walked over it and inspected each section.  A good idea is to carry a spray can to mark any problem areas.  Once you se the damage and assessed the size, head off to your local home improvement store for supplies and advise.  For small cracks, a latex crack sealant is a great cue.  These long tubes sit in the caulking gun and can be easily used to fill the cracks.  For larger holes, asphalt crack kits can be purchased.  Use a snow scrapper to level the mixture out so that it is plumb with the driveway. The larger holes require coarse-aggregate filler called a cold patch.  This is mixed up and placed in the hole.  After you have patched the hole, it is a good idea to place a piece of plywood over the hole and drive the car tire over the wood and let it sit and cure over night.

The final driveway repair in Fort Worth is to spread the coal-tar sealant all over the driveway.  This comes in 5 gallon buckets, coverage of about 300 square feet.  Spread this in 4-foot wide strips and allow to dry as recommended by the manufacturer.  Pay attention to the edges of the driveway that abut the grass areas.

driveway repair Fort Worth

driveway repair Fort Worth

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