Quieter, Cheaper Cooling

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Air Conditioning

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Ductless air conditioning systems are being used more often not only because they are energy efficient, but also because they offer a much quieter alternative to portable window air conditioners or central air systems. The condenser, of course, sits outside just as you would have with central air. But unlike central air, there are no ducts for air to run through and no vents positioned around the house. The condenser tends to run much more quietly, too, than conventional, loud central air units. Most Timonium residents consider this to be a huge advantage since they value quiet and friendly neighborhoods as much as they do saving money on utility expenses.

The fact that there are no ducts also means that the ductless air conditioning system is less expensive to install. Air handlers can be positioned in various strategic areas of your house without intruding on the architecture, tearing up walls, or making holes in the ceiling. Air handling units are usually suspended on the wall a couple of feet from the ceiling, but there are other options, as well. Each air handler, whether you have one, two or three, has its own set of controls that can be individually set to arrive at the temperature that you need for that area of the house. This can often be accomplished by using a remote control gadget.

Ductless air conditioning, because it does not use ducts, is also cheaper because it is energy efficient. Traditional central air loses a lot of energy in the ducts, sometimes up to 40 percent of the output, which directly translates to wasteful expenses. You might as well be throwing your money away. Ductless air conditioning in Timonium, however, can be installed at a cheaper cost than central air and run far more efficiently, which saves you money on your monthly energy consumption costs.

The factor that most people like most about ductless air conditioning in Timonium is not only that it runs quieter and more cheaply than conventional methods of keeping your home cool, but that you can completely control various temperatures according to your needs in different areas of your house. If you don’t sleep during the day, you can set the air handler at a higher temperature and turn it down just before going to bed, at which point you might do the opposite for the handler in the living room. Or, if some part of your house is not being used at all, you may turn one air handler off while you keep the others running.

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