Ready to Save on Air Conditioning? West Chester Specialists Can Help Cut Costs

If you’re like many residents of West Chester, Ohio, you’re probably constantly trying to keep your home comfortable while sticking to a reasonable budget. When it comes to air conditioning, West Chester professionals can offer insight about how to keep your existing system well maintained in ways that could reduce the cost of your energy bill. Read below to learn more.

Keeping the System Clean

Units that are located outdoors often get neglected by owners who forget to clean each component. Plan to call a professional and schedule a tune-up at least a few weeks before you plan to start using air conditioning. West Chester service providers can clean parts like the condenser fan blades and remove buildup from the evaporator coil. Both of these things can be handled in a short amount of time, and they could lower your energy costs because air is able to move through a clean unit more efficiently.

Also, keep in mind that clean filters help units use less energy because they facilitate proper cooling. Whether you have a filter that’s made to be discarded after use or just cleaned and replaced, make sure a technician also examines that part of your unit.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Traditional thermostats require users to manually change the temperature to suit needs. You may find it’s much more energy-efficient to use a programmable model instead. Technicians can show you how to use one to enjoy more personalized air conditioning. West Chester residents frequently opt to set thermostats so they keep homes cooler during hours when residences are occupied, but switch to lower settings during times when houses are characteristically empty.

Consider Buying a New Unit

If you’ve already done some of the measures above and still aren’t satisfied with the results, think about purchasing a unit that’s ENERGY STAR rated and has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) rating of 13 or better. Before getting advice about air conditioning, West Chester families often set realistic budgets so it’s easier for retailers to suggest appropriate units. Some providers also offer financing and savings to make the final cost easier to bear.

Rather than just assuming high utility bills are something you have no control over, follow some of the tips above and see if they help you save money while remaining comfortable through the warmest parts of the year.

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