Reasons to Choose Vinyl for Your Window Installation in Atlanta

The type of replacement windows that Window Installation in Atlanta installers recommend is to go with vinyl instead of traditional wood windows or aluminum windows. There are several reasons that windows made of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, are the recommended replacement material. There are vinyl replacement options for all kinds of windows in the home, such as for awning windows, bay windows, casement windows, double hung, picture windows, and slider windows.

Going with vinyl Window Installation in Atlanta means you’re much less likely to have to have Window Installation in Atlanta again on the same window in the future. These windows are more durable and long-lasting than wood and aluminum. They look attractive and never need maintenance such as paint or carpentry work, which adds to the window’s cost over time.

In comparing vinyl windows against wood windows, paint will eventually chip and wear off of wooden window frames and window sashes, making them vulnerable to moisture. Wood expands and contracts with weather changes, and wood windows can eventually warp and change shape.This can create a gap in the window casing which can let outside air and insects get inside the house. Another thing about vinyl window frames is that they are fusion welded, whereas wooden frames are held in place with screws or with glue, either of which can eventually allow for gaps that let weather and bugs in.

Vinyl windows have several advantages over aluminum windows, too. Many find the vinyl windows to simply look better. Aluminum windows can become corroded, which not only looks unsightly, but can make the window stick. Aluminum windows are colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, and that cold or heat gets transferred inside the room. Like wooden windows, aluminum windows are also attached using screws or glue, and without the fusion welding, the same gaps can develop between the window casing and the wall. Also, like wooden windows, paint applied to aluminum will eventually peel and need maintenance.


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